Saxophone Lessons Montreal

Saxophone Lessons Montreal

For all ages and ability levels (beginner to advanced)

Dustin Finer is a Montreal-based saxophone teacher with over a decade of teaching experience. Known for fun and engaging lessons, Dustin specializes in detailed, applicable instruction.

Teaching Philosophy:Montreal Saxophone Teacher - Dustin Finer

“My ultimate goal for my students is for them to become their own teachers. I strive to give students all of the tools they need to not only make great music, but to coach themselves at home so that they can continually improve. In order to do this, I adapt my lessons to the skill level and personal interests of each student, while maintaining a focus on the fundamentals.”

Topics Covered:

Sound Production – The saxophone is well loved for the beautiful and diverse sounds it can make. Learn how proper breathing, embouchure formation, and your imagination are fundamental to producing a warm, rich tone.

Instrumental Technique – Whether you are learning each note for the first time or hoping to nail a tricky passage, proper technique is crucial.

Reading Music – Learning to read music opens the door to a world of music making, from jamming with other musicians to finally playing your favorite compositions. Dustin strives to provide his students with all the tools they need to understand and interpret rhythm, melody, and harmony.

Music Theory – Understand how music works. Learn and use music theory to improve musical interpretation and even compose your own music!

Practice Techniques – As lessons progress, students will be exposed to an array of specialized practice techniques. Make the most of your practice time by discovering not only what to practice, but how to practice it!

Free Trial Lesson:

Contact Dustin today and your first saxophone lesson is FREE! This half-hour trial lesson gives you the chance to experience Dustin’s teaching first-hand and decide if you would like to schedule more lessons. Saxophone lessons are taught in Dustin’s studio in NDG, next to Villa Maria metro station. [lastname].dustin[at]gmail[dot]com